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About uLeague

uLeague is the ultimate destination for collaborative and tailored learning, where our learner is at the center of all of our offerings. Our platform allows people to learn new skills, interact with fellow peers, create online courses, and be rewarded for their contribution. uLeague could become the go-to platform for anyone wanting access top quality online courses in any category. We believe uleague will be the online community for e-learning, the new model of ‘’just right’’ education serving the 21st Century learner.

The uLeague Advantage

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    At the heart of uleague is the added value we give to each learner regarding experience and knowledge. We are evolving MOOCs to become Fast-Paced Open Specialized Courses (FOSCs). Taking the duration of the courses to a maximum, of 1-2 weeks. Courses are designed to help you achieve a skill or knowledge that is readily applicable in the real world. Our assignments are based on real life examples and case studies. Each course intends to help you achieve better academically, get the job, or progress in your chosen field.

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    uLeague above all is a social network designed to advance the knowledge of individuals and help people to achieve their goals. To support our core learning environment, we believe that as much as learning occurs in a formal setting, social interactions is also a source for both obtaining and transferring knowledge. Our platform allows our learners to connect with each other in our online classrooms as well as enable users to also connect with course providers to seek guidance from professional mentors.

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    The platform is designed to be a staged and leveled pathway for all our Learners. As they contribute more and achieve more on the platform they will move up through the stages and be rewarded for their accomplishments. Our features ensure that users are able to track their progress, receive recognitions for their achievement, and be rewarded for their success. We want to sustain the motivational levels for our learners as well giving them the opportunity to benefit from the platform financially.

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    uLeague is a collaborative learning platform. Our platform is designed to ensure the continuous flow of knowledge for our learners. It is built to give all our users to the opportunity to directly contribute in building courses, sharing content, and commenting on new trends. Upon passing the required stages users will have the ability to build their very own course. Learners will have their own personal and open spaces to share knowledge and provide insights on the topic of the day.

uLeague’s Vision

"to provide an accessible, credible, interactive and innovative online learning environment that unlocks the potential and enhances the efficiency of the professional and educational landscape. Built on the belief that the sharing of knowledge is key to both the development and sustainability of the global community, we want to allow individuals to self-determine, unleash and pursue their aspirations. With the development of technology, the new economic landscape will require active, creative, versatile and resourceful people – the kind of learner we are shaping in uleague"

E-Learning Through a Community

At uLeague we believe in the power of connections and their ability to be an incredible source of opportunities. Our platform is built on years and years of research, that we have conducted as well as others, on how technology can unlock the full potential of informal learning through a unique design of online courses. As a learner, we will support you during your entire educational journey through your network of peers who you can connect with on and off the courses. You will also be able to tap into the web of experienced tutors and mentors that are creating courses within our community. Our very own Chatbot will help guide you through the community, and tell you how to make the best out of your time at uLeague.

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We Come Bearing Gifts

Even though your time is never wasted when learning, especially at uLeague, we felt that your time should also be valued. Our platform is gamified, and it exactly means just that. We reward every single activity, contribution, and even if you merely set-up your profile. Some would call us crazy, but we are very passionate about making our community feel motivated, appreciated and happy! Your very own chatbot will take you through the platform, tell you what you rewards are, and how the platform can further reward you.