The Decision: Picking the Right Major Posted on: 14-03-2019

I remember a time where I felt like I was forced down a certain path for my education, that feeling of hustling without taking the time to actually look and see where you are going. I wanted going to be a doctor, then a historian, maybe a mathematician, and finally I settled on economics (boring I know)

What I really want to say, is that no one has it figured out immediately, we all get confused and do not know what we actually want to study let alone what we want to be. So it is okay not knowing… but I am attempting here to give you a couple of hints and tips (that have helped me and others) on how you can decide what you want to learn.

#Tip 1 You are not stuck for life

If you already started or want to discover an area of knowledge, do it and the beauty of liberal education and the diversity of universities is that you can shift gears. If you start studying something and that it is not for you shift gears, even if there is a financial obstacle (learning is not tied to money). So many of the success stories we see have done independent learning. Feeling stuck is a waste of time!

#Tip 2 Take Online Courses as a teaser

Thank you internet for giving us the ability to know more about stuff for free or at a low cost. Pick out a subject or study area you want to study and take a couple of courses online on it, watch some videos surrounding the subject, and read about it. If it gets you going, and you feel excited maybe this is something that you should be pursuing. And yes, you can discover more than one subject and then decide. Just start somewhere.

#Tip 3 Make sure you actually like it

If you do not like what you are studying I can guarantee that you will not do well in it. Studying should be about taking you close to your dream, and your goals in life. Shut out any pressure from family members or friends, no one will be doing the job with you — it’s you and you alone. And yes, before you say it yes you can love a-lot of things refer back to tip 1 and Tip 3.

#Tip 4 Make Sure you can get a job with it or at-least you will make something of it

This will be a bit of a reality check….technology is changing our lives, especially the way we work and do business. Make sure that what you are pursuing will not be irrelevant in the future and that by the end of it you will be find the space to actually work with what you learned. According to some reports 30% of the jobs we know now will be obsolete by 2030 so you really do not want to happen.

#Tip 5 Be Diverse with what you are learning …add a bit of technology to the mix

We live in a brave new world, with a jobs and professions being entangled an no role is anymore isolated from the other. So I suggest you take courses and minors in different areas, a holistic multidisciplinary learning will look good for employers. Most importantly though, you have to have some tech literacy whether it be knowing how to code, or being aware of tech trends and updates — if you do not know about technology you will be irrelevant in a couple of years.

So this is my simple but honest 5 tips on how you can select your major. Please tell us what you think or if this was helpful. Good luck!