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A “Newt” Experience.

After hours and hours of work Newt is finally here! We are happy to introduce uLeague’s very own learning assistant and your best buddy during your time on our unique online learning platform.

We pumped up Newt with artificial intelligence, in other words; he is tailored to each and every learner. He knows how to help advice and support you when you need the most.

And Newt is not pushy, he respects your privacy. If you want him, he will be there and if you don’t he will give you some space.

NEWT will help you navigate the platform, understand the features & different pages, assist you in picking the right courses, provide you with hints and tips for efficient studying, support you in achieving your goals, and above all celebrate your achievements.

Simply, Newt is your friend on uLeague so get to know each other and we are sure that you will love him!!

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